Herbicide Round ProMax Concentrate



Roundup PROMAX® herbicide is the next generation in the evolution of high performing Roundup® IT&O Products for the green industry.

  – More Concentrated

Roundup PROMAX® is a new potassium salt formulation. One gallon of Roundup PROMAX® contains the glyphosate acid equivalent of 6 quarts of the older 41% IPA-salt formulations.

  – Consistent, Professional Performance

Roundup PROMAX® controls a broad-spectrum of broadleaf weeds, grasses vines and brush.

  – 30-Minute Rainfast Warranty





The unique surfactant system of Roundup PROMAX® allows the solution to penetrate weed leaf surfaces faster, which means Roundup PROMAX® is rainfast in half the time of its predecessor, Roundup PRO®.

How To Renovate Cool-Season Turf With Roundup PROMAX® herbicide


  – Make a broadcast application of 3.0 quarts per acre of Roundup PROMAX® herbicide to actively growing cool-season turfgrass in late summer. Mix 2 oz of Roundup PROMAX® herbicide per gal water for handgun or spot treatment applications. No additional surfactant needed or recommended.

  – Wait 7 to 14 days for maximum control of old turfgrasses and weeds.

  – Good seed-soil contact is critical for success. Mow, rake, verticut, core aerate, slit seed or lightly till the area to expose and loosen the soil surface and ensure good seed-soil contact.

  – Use high quality, weed-free, certified cool-season turfgrass seed at recommended rate per 1000 sq ft to reseed.

  – Adequate water must be available from seeding through completion of germination. Enough rain or irrigation to keep a constantly moist, not muddy seed bed 1 to 2 weeks.

  – Follow on-line university extension recommendations for cool-season turfgrass cultural, fertility, soil pH and weed control practices to maintain the newly renovated turf.



Roundup PROMAX® herbicide is used to control weeds and brush in professional vegetation management situations such as turf management, landscaping, roadsides, and utility rights of way.

  – Trim & Edge

Rate: 2 ounces per gallon of water


Roundup PROMAX® goes where mechanical trimmers can’t, so it’s ideal for use along fence lines, in sidewalk cracks, at curbside and around building perimeters.

  – Brush & Vines

Rate: 5 to 9 ounces per gallon of water


Mechanical brush removal encourages even denser regrowth, while a single low volume application of Roundup PROMAX® prevents regrowth because it quickly moves throughout the plant and down to roots for long lasting and consistent control of a broad spectrum of tough weeds, brush and vines.

  – Shrub Beds

Rate: 2 ounces per gallon of water


Hand weeding takes time. String trimmers disturb the mulch layer. Neither method attacks the roots. Roundup PROMAX® kills the roots and eliminates time-consuming callbacks and retreats.

  – Tree Rings

Rate: 2 ounces per gallon of water


When you use Roundup PROMAX® to eliminate the weeds around tree trunks, the tree benefits because it does not have competition for additional nutrients and water. University trials show that trunk circumferences in treated plots increased an average of 144% over trunks in untreated plots. In addition, the use of Roundup PROMAX® eliminates the damage that can be caused by string trimmers, which can remove bark and open the tree to attack from insects and disease.

  – Turf Renovation

Rate: 2 ounces per gallon of water


Unlike mechanical renovation, which can bring weed seeds to the surface and make problems worse, Roundup PROMAX® kills the existing weeds and undesirable grasses without disturbing the soil. You can then re-seed or sod directly on treated areas with confidence.

  – Dormant Turfgrass

Rate: 5 to 44 ounces per Acre*


Roundup PROMAX® may be used to control or suppress many winter annual weeds and tall fescue for effective release of dormant bermudagrass and bahiagrass turf. Treat only when turf is dormant and prior to spring greenup.

How to Control Winter Weeds and Tall Fescue in Dormant Bermudagrass and Bahiagrass Turf

  – Roundup PROMAX may be used to control or suppress many winter annual weeds and tall fescue for effective release of dormant bermudagrass and bahiagrass turf. Treat only when turf is dormant and prior to spring green-up and winter annual weeds and/or tall fescue are actively growing.

  – For best results on winter annuals, use Roundup PROMAX to treat when plants are in an early growth stage (below 6 inches in height) after most have germinated and actively growing. For best results on tall fescue, treat when fescue is actively growing and at or beyond the 4- to 6-leaf stage.

  – Apply 5 to 44 fluid ounces of Roundup PROMAX per acre. Apply the recommended rates in 10 to 40 gallons of water per acre. Use only in areas where bermudagrass or bahiagrass are desirable ground covers and where some temporary injury or discoloration can be tolerated.

  – Treatments in excess of 11 fluid ounces per acre may result in injury or delayed green-up in highly maintained areas, such as golf courses and lawns. DO NOT apply tank mixtures of Roundup PROMAX plus Oust in highly maintained turfgrass areas.


(*Treatments of dormant turfgrass in excess of 16 ounces per acre may result in injury or delayed greenup in highly maintained areas.)


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