Curlex Biodegradable Erosion Control Blankets



Curlex blankets consist of unique softly barbed, interlocking, curled, Aspen excelsior fibers. They are weed seed free. Curlex blankets are available with a variety of environmentally sensitive and/or stronger netting types to match job site requirements. We offer a green color-coded plastic netting for applications requiring UV resistance strength and longevity. Our photodegradable QuickMow™ netting is recommended for urban, golf course, and certain roadside projects. It is color-coded white to identify it as a rapid break-down, polypropylene netting designed for use in areas to be mowed. Also available is our FibreNet™ – 100% biodegradable netting – for use in critical environmentally sensitive areas.






-Highway embankments, ditch bottoms and slopes, bridges, approaches and medians

-Residential, commercial, & industrial developments

-Urban drainage, stream banks, and waterways

-Golf course fairways, roughs, waterways, & drop structures

-Landfill caps, side slopes, and let down structures

-Pipeline right-of-ways


Available Sizes:

4′ x 112.5′ ( 50 square yards )

8′ x 112.5′ (100 square yards )

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