Water Bag Circular 20 Gal. AR20


ArborRain™ Hydration System, 20 Gallon

Slowly Paced, Even Irrigation for Maximum Usage by the Tree

The ArborRain hydration system is an effective alternative for the deep irrigation of newly planted shrubs and trees. This innovative system works to reduce “transplant shock” while helping more established trees thrive in dry and hot conditions. This 20-gallon, high-capacity model releases water over a 5 to 8 hour period, ensuring water seeps deep into the soil, irrigating both the root ball and surrounding soil for total coverage.
We designed the ArborRain system with a low profile to better blend and merge with its natural surroundings. The brown coloring decreases visibility when used alongside darker mulches. Fits trees and shrubs up to 6 inches in diameter, plus multiple ArborRain systems can be installed around the drip line of established trees to combat the added stress from drought or new construction. Protect your new tree investment with ArborRain!




  – 1 5/8in diameter fill port with a threaded cap

  – 36in overall diameter

  – Two emitters

  – UV Stabilized

  – 18mil thickness


Product Features

  – High Capacity

  – Fill Port – 1 5/8″ diameter fill port with a threaded cap accommodates a wide variety of hose sizes for quick filling.

  – Double Emitters – Distributes water evenly across the root area for complete coverage and are removable to clear blockages

  – Drip Time – Slow release rate insures water gets where it is needed- into the root zone

  – UV Stabilized – UV stabilized for long life outside under the sun


Cold weather – An additive to the plastic resists the cold weather just in case you collect your Arbor Rains late in the season.

Plant Details