Water Bag 20 Gal. ART20


ArborRain Tower – Plant & Tree Hydrator

Hydrate your young and newly planted trees! Ideal for preventing runoff on sloped surfaces.

The ArborRain Tower features an innovative, industry-recognized design that will keep your young trees hydrated and help boost survival rates. Engineered tall and slim (at just 18″ wide when filled), the ArborRain Tower is ideal for both sloped-surface landscapes and the nursery. It’s also effective for irrigating smaller containerized trees. With a zipper that locks in place, you can easily connect several together for large-diameter trees. One tower fits up to 4″ diameter.

Why the ArborRain Tower beats the competition: The ArborRain Tower features a black plastic interior, which blocks sunlight from passing through and prevents the accumulation of mold. Other hydration systems that lack this black interior can clog with mold in as little as 2-3 months. ArborRain’s zipper is firm and secure – a critical feature that helps the tower withstand extra water weight when several bags are zipped together around a larger diameter tree.

Another benefit of ArborRain: a sealed bottom edge to eliminate leaks. Other hydrating bags feature inferior stitched bottom edges that deliver water too quickly for roots to draw in, often leading to excessive runoff. The ArborRain Tower also includes triple-stitched handles that won’t tear when shaken. The durable ArborRain Tower will hold up and irrigate your most valued young trees.



  – 20 gallon

  – 18″ wide

  – Fits up to 4″ diameter tree

  – Zip two together for up to an 8″ wide tree

  – 5 to 8 hour drip time


Product Features

  – Large fill opening

  – Durable polyethylene

  – Strong triple stitched lift straps

  – Green color blends with the landscape


Product Benefits

  – Deep waters right to the roots

  – Prevents runoff


Increases survival rates

Plant Details

Item # WATBAG20