A.M. Leonard Rake Poly 24'


Rake plastic PR24

Cover a lot of ground with this wide but lightweight rake!

Our most popular rake with high quality ribbed poly tine construction and a large diameter 54″ hardwood handle. Ribbed poly tines. 1″ diameter handle.





  – 23″ width

  – 54″ hardwood handle

  – 24 ribbed poly tines


Product Features

  – Leonard’s own poly lawn and leaf rake

  – Most popular size

  – Includes high quality ribbed poly tine construction, and a large diameter hardwood handle

  – Bright orange head color


Product Benefits

Compare our handle to the handles on economy rakes:

  – 54″ long, not 48″ gives you more comfort and longer reach.

  – 15/16″ diameter, not 7/8″ (or even less) gives easier grip, less hand fatigue, and greater durability.

  – Handle is lacquered to increase weather and moisture resistance.

The ribbing on the tines increases the stiffness and strength of each tine, helping you get more leaves with every stroke.

The bright orange color helps your crew find all of them at the end of a long day

Plant Details

Item # RAKEPR24