Spade All Steel AML 12" Sq Pt D Hnd


All Steel Nursery Spade, 13in Blade, 27in D Grip Handle

Dig into the toughest jobs!

High quality steel construction with a tough, powder-coated handle. Welded at the D-grip and blade to take on big projects without breaking. 27″ handle, two different blade sizes. Choose the AM12 for all-around use. Blade spade – tapers from 7 3/4″ at the top to 6 5/8″ at the bottom edge. Wt 5.7 lb.


WARNING All Steel shovels and spades should not be used in areas where underground electric lines, wires or cables may be present.






  – Weight 5.7lbs

  – 27″ Handle Blade:

  – 6 5/8″ along the cutting edge

  – 7 3/4″ along the top edge

  – 5″ blade lift

  – 13″ long


Product Features

  – Orange powder coated handle Welded at D grip and blade Turned step


Product Benefits

High quality steel construction makes this nursery spade a hard one to beat. Compare the price and quality to the national brands The bright orange color means that you won’t be leaving this behind at the job site, or driving over one left laying on the ground ‘D’ grip works great for digging out under a shrub or tree to form a root ball Tip of the blade is almost flat with just a slight ‘bowl’ curve, so you can cut straighter when edging or cutting sod Low blade lift means you can dig straight down without leaning the handle forward too far Solid welded construction makes these virtually indistructable The turned step is easier on your feet, especially when wearing soft-soled shoes A variety of uses, such as: Edging landscape beds Digging or installing shrubs, trees, perennials, or other plant material Dividing perennials and grasses Cutting and removing sod Cutting sod pieces to size when installing Skimming layer off top of soil to level or grade Cutting through tough roots Add a foot pad (Product Number AMFP) for even greater comfort

Plant Details

Item # SPADEAM12