Tree Cart 1600 lb cap 22LE


The handiest and toughest built trucks to have around!

Made to meet professional demands and make handling the heaviest loads easier. Capacity rating on competing brands can be deceiving. Look at all the features of our carts and you will realize these are the best carts at the best prices. 



  – Overall height 62-1/2″, overall width 39″, inside width 25-1/2″, blade (nose) depth 13″

  – 1600 lbs. capacity

  – 16″ (high) x 6.5″ (wide) 2-ply pneumatic tires

  – 1″ cold rolled steel axle

  – 1-1/4″ frame tubing diameter, 12 gauge steel pipe


Product Features

  – Open back top design

  – Ball and Burlap lift design with rounded nose

  – Well balanced design

  – High strength steel tubing

  – Oilite wheel bearings

  – Double vertical frame tubes on each side

  – Solid 1″ steel axle and wide profile high capacity 16″ x 6.5″ tires are standard on all our nursery trucks


Product Benefits

  – Open back top design reduces risk of damage to tree trunks

  – Ball and Burlap lift designed to make moving trees quick and easy. The rounded-off nose is preferable for B and B

  – The ring for rope assistance is handy, for example, when going up or down a ramp

  – The balance of the truck eases the operation

  – The superior strength of the tubing resists bending under weight

   – Oilite bearings in the wheels outlast other bearings

  – The double vertical frame tubes provide exceptional strength

  – The standard axle and tires on all our nursery trucks hold up to your demands. The wide tires are easier to roll across turf

Plant Details

Item # CART22LE