A.M. Leonard Rake Steel Tine 24"


Spring Rake 24in Wide 24 Tines

Durable reinforced spring tine with a large 1″ diameter 54″ long hardwood handle. Steel tines and steel brace.



  – 18″ metal wide head

  – 54″ hardwood handle, 1″ thick

  – 18 steel tines with steel spring brace

  – Weighs 2.6 lbs





Product Features

  – 1″ thick handle

  – Head bolts to the handle

  – Durable reinforced spring tines


Product Benefits

  – 1″ diameter, not 7/8″ (or even less) gives easier grip, less hand fatigue, and greater durability

  – 54″ long, not 48″ for more comfort and longer reach

  – The head isn’t just held in place with a screw or a pin, the bolt goes all the way through the handle. This one will just never get loose and sloppy

  – The tines are reinforced with an additional spring, to help you ‘dig in’ to a pile of wet leaves when you have to, without damaging the rake

  – Rake leaves, grass, or other debris, lightly de-thatch your lawn, level mulch or wood chips, clean out beds, pull pruning clippings out of shrubbery like taxus (Japanese yew), or use upside down after seeding grass to mix the seed in the top layer of soil

Plant Details

Item # RAKE224