A.M. Leonard Knife 9494 (orange)

Folding Pruning Knife ABS Handle

Stainless steel AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) type 420 blade for ultimate sharpness makes tough pruning jobs easy! The handles are ABS plastic with carbon steel inner liners for incredible strength and they feature a satin orange finish with our logo proudly displayed. 4″ handle with 2 1/2″ curved blade.



  – 4″ ABS plastic handle

  – 2 1/2″ curved stainless steel blade






Product Features

  – Razor-sharp stainless steel

  – Hook-shape blade

  – Bright orange ABS plastic handle

  – Lanyard hole in the handle

  – Blade folds into the handle


Product Benefits

  – Razor edge makes a clean cut, stainless steel has a long life

  – Hook blade aids in pruning tasks; flowers, vines green branches etc

  – Orange color makes it visible if you drop it

  – Lanyard hole makes it handy to hang on the wall

  – Folding blade feature makes it handy to carry into the field


Plant Details

Item # KNIVE9494