Fertilizer Grubs Prev 0-0-7 w/Acelepryn



0-0-7 SOP w/.067% Acelepryn Preemergent Grub


Award Turf Fertilizer with Acelepryn contains a new class of active ingredient found to have a lower toxicity and environmental impact than that of organophosphates, neonicotinoids and synthetic pyrethroids used for the same purpose.

Recognized by the EPA as a reduced risk pesticide, Award Turf Fertilizer with Acelepryn will control both surface and sub-surface feeding insects by attacking the muscles of the target pest resulting in paralysis and death.

When applied early in the season, Acelepryn will outlast imidacloprid applications made at the same time.

For season-long grub control, best longevity and lowest environmental impact, apply Award Turf Fertilizer with Acelepryn for consistent and e­ective results.


This product also controls:

Annual Bluegrass Weevil , Billbugs, European Crane Fly, Armyworms, Sod Webworms, Cutworms, Chinch Bugs (suppression)


Reduced Risk Pesticide

Lowest use rate for grub control

Outlasts imidacloprid

Low environmental impact

Decreased risk of resistance


Available size:

50 Lbs Bag

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