Fertiilizer Pre-emergent w/Cavalcade


Pro-Ap Fertilizer w/ Preemergent Herbicide

15-0-3  / w Cavalcade

Crabgrass Prevention


CAVALCADE 0.29% 15 CAVALCADE 0.29% 15-0-3 30%DURATION 3 30%DURATION 70% N-FATE 12%S

  – Ideal formula for reduced nitrogen rates while delivering a higher rate of control

  – Contains Prodiamine, a long residual preemergence weed control without the staining issues

  – Concentrated formula that closely matches Professional Lawn Care Companies typical program coving up to 16,600 sq ft per 50 LB bag

  – Contains N-Fate branded ammonium sulfate. The most efficient N source. Greener, healthier, thinker turf!!!

  – A flexible formula designed to apply CAVALCADE at variety of rates while delivers .5-.75 LB Nitrogen per 1000 sq ft


Available size:

50 Lbs Bag 

Plant Details