Herbicide Wipe Out Spray Tank Cleaner


Product description

WipeOut is a highly concentrated spray tank and system cleaner. It penetrates and solubilizes agricultural chemical residues that can remain in spray systems and prevents re-adherence. It neutralizes acid residues and counteracts the detrimental effects of minerals commonly found in hard water. Older poly tanks will take a stronger solution. Circulate the WipeOut treated solution throughout the system for 10 to 15 minutes. Purge hoses, spray lines, and nozzles for at least 1 minute with the cleaning solution. After cleaning, drain and flush entire system, including nozzles, with clean water.






  – Cleans residues from spray tanks and equipment

  – Prevents re-adherence after flushing

  – Neutralizes acid

  – Counteracts hard water minerals

  – Use 1 quart of Wipe Out per 100 gallons of water. Use 1 ounce of WipeOut per gallon of water for smaller hand held sprayers.


Available size: 

1 U.S Quart Container 

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